The highly-anticipated sequel to the iconic film "Gadar – Ek Prem Katha", titled "Gadar 2", has taken the Indian film industry by storm, leaving audiences and trade experts alike awestruck. With its thunderous start and subsequent incremental growth, "Gadar 2" has firmly established itself as a box office juggernaut.

The film's opening day witnessed an astonishing influx of Rs. 40.10 crores, followed by an equally impressive Day 2 with Rs. 43.08 crores pouring in. Building on this impressive momentum, "Gadar 2" has managed to maintain its stratospheric trajectory, drawing in even more eager viewers on its third day.

Advance reports have showcased a remarkable surge in audience engagement, exemplified by a staggering 50% increase in Sunday's advance bookings compared to Saturday. This surge not only speaks volumes about the film's immense anticipation and excitement but also sets the stage for an unprecedented record-breaking performance. To cater to the overwhelming demand, the film's distributors and theater chains have introduced a strategic move – late-night shows – to accommodate a wider audience, considering the busy daytime schedules of many moviegoers.

The unparalleled success of "Gadar 2" owes a substantial debt to its mass appeal, as it deftly targets audiences across diverse demographics and regions. The film's dominance in mass circuits has played a pivotal role in propelling its triumphant march at the box office.

Based on the current trends and data, industry experts predict that "Gadar 2" is well on its way to a staggering haul of Rs. 47 to Rs. 50 crores on its third day. This prediction is underpinned by the film's exceptional advance bookings, the strategic introduction of late-night shows, and the resounding demand from mass circuits. Should this forecast be realized, it would not only reaffirm the film's commercial viability but also solidify its status as a monumental success in the annals of Indian cinema.